sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

Wolverine by André Caetano

FoF is back this week with the veteran X-Men and fan-favorite Wolverine, portrayed by André Caetano. If you know Wolverine's story, you know how the Hulk played a major role on the Ol' Canucklehead's very first appearance.

This week is equally special because we started publishing on Facebook, on FoF's very own Facebook page.

Check it out, join us and comment there as well!
See you next week.

Wolverine by André Caetano

quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011

The Hulk by Filipe Teixeira

Back to FoF, back to the monsters, back to Marvel Comics fanart.
This time, we have a contribution from another new face on Fof, Filipe Teixeira, with an energetic rendition of the Incredible Hulk, a modern version of the myth of Jekyll and Hyde.

Check it out, comment, and stay tuned for more fanart follies in coming weeks.

The Hulk by Filipe Teixeira

quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011

Jekyll & Hyde by Nuno Duarte

New contribution on FoF, and a another tribute to the classics, with Robert Louis Stevenson's "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", done in great fashion by Nuno Duarte, a new addition to The Lisbon Studio.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

Jekyll & Hyde by Nuno Duarte

quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2011

LoEG by Ricardo Venâncio

Time for a special entry on FoF.
Linking to the themes of Jules Verne and the Invisible Man of the last post, I chose to tackle one of my favorite comics in recent years.

As promised last week, here's a supersized piece in tribute to Alan Moore's dysfunctional classic character super team of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, end of 19th Century version.


LoEG for Fistful of Fanart