quinta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2010

Darkseid by Ricardo Venâncio

Keeping up with the King's theme, here's the year's last post here on Fistful of Fanart.
By me.

Happy New Year, everybody!
Here's hoping all your wishes come true in 2011.
Be happy...

... or be Darkseid's quarry!

Darkseid by Ricardo Venâncio

segunda-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2010

Medusa by André Caetano

And we're almost at the end of the year.
This next to last 2010 post on FoF is brought to you by André Caetano, who got to draw another Marvel character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans.

In addition to the Kirby tie, Inhumans and Skrulls had also a recent "entanglement" on Secret Invasion.
That's maybe the reason for the panel on the bottom of the illustration.

Check us out at the end of the week for the last post of the year.

Medusa by André Caetano

domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

Super Skrull by Pedro Potier

A new post on FoF and a new artist joins the fun. Pedro Potier follows the last post with a somewhat obscure link between the Beatles... and the Skrulls.
Apparently, there's such a thing as the Skrull Beatles, a group of shapeshifting aliens disguised as the Fab Four from another dimension, intent on invading our Earth. The things you learn...

Next week, a new post. See you then!

Pencils and colors by Pedro Potier
Inks by Patrícia Furtado

SuperSkrull by Pedro Potier

quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

Hellboy and John Lennon by Filipe Andrade

Post # 4 of Fistful of Fanart brings us the unlikely connection between Hellboy and John Lennon, connection which comes directly from the previous post, Rocket Raccoon, and makes for an hilarious and quirky team-up, beautifully illustrated by Filipe Andrade.

Okay, now for the tags.
Hellboy is a simple connection, due to the work HB's creator, Mike Mignola did on the Rocket Raccoon mini-series, in 1985. Lennon, however, comes from the very creation of the character, admitedly inspired by a Beatles song, Rocky Raccoon, from the White Album.

What would these two characters do if they would ever be paired together is anyone's guess. They'd probably jam, like they're doing on this illustration.
Playing Helter Skelter, perhaps...

See where our next Fanart Tag takes us in the coming weeks.

Hellboy & John Lennon by Filipe Andrade

terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

Rocket Racoon by Ricardo Tércio

Post #3 brings us Rocket Racoon, by the Freak Master General Ricardo Tércio.

This time we have a furry connection between Badgers and Racoons.
Tune in next time to see what comes out next.

Rocket Racoon by Ricardo Tércio

quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

The Badger by Ricardo Venâncio

Week #2 of Fistful of Fanart, and the tag falls on the word "Baron". From Baron Blood to a character created by Mike Baron, The Badger, a pretty hard to describe spoof on super-heroes. Anyone who has read it, remembers it as a pretty disturbing and sometimes funny comicbook series.
I do, and the Badger was one of those characters that I had in the back of my mind to draw one day in my life. So I threw in a small redesign on him and here it is.

As an extra bonus, the over-achiever that is Jorge Coelho sent me a close-up of his previous redesign of Baron Blood.

Check us out next week to see where the tag falls!

The Badger by me
Blood Close-up by Jorge Coelho

quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

Baron Blood by Jorge Coelho

Here's the fantastic first post by Jorge Coelho.
Baron Blood, in a creepy redesign with shades of the Halloween that just passed.

Baron Blood by Jorge Coelho
© Marvel Comics

Welcome to Fistful of Fanart!

Welcome to a new collective art blog dedicated to those childhood heroes and villains of our youth and quirky pop characters that we always wanted to draw but didn't get to for whatever reason.
This blog has a twist though. This is Fanart Tag turf.

What is Fanart Tag, you ask?
It's a game, in the vein of a Exquisite Corpse, in which anyone who joins with a post must follow the lead of the previous contribution in any way they can think of. Instead of explaining the details, we'll let you sit there and enjoy the following fanarts showing up on this here blog.

The first one comes online in a couple of minutes, so stay tuned!