domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

Super Skrull by Pedro Potier

A new post on FoF and a new artist joins the fun. Pedro Potier follows the last post with a somewhat obscure link between the Beatles... and the Skrulls.
Apparently, there's such a thing as the Skrull Beatles, a group of shapeshifting aliens disguised as the Fab Four from another dimension, intent on invading our Earth. The things you learn...

Next week, a new post. See you then!

Pencils and colors by Pedro Potier
Inks by Patrícia Furtado

SuperSkrull by Pedro Potier

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  1. may I participate with

  2. Hi, Christian!
    Sorry, it's invite only and there are some rules to participate.
    I'll send you an email when I can to explain everything.

  3. Ok, I will wait for your email! Happy new year....will see each other in Angouleme, right?

  4. Unfortunately, I won't be going this time, but that's because I'm working on something that I hope will be selling there on the next year.
    Happy New Year, Christian!